About Short and Fat
We make custom clothes for men, who are vertically challenged 
and horizontally blessed, so they look and feel their best.
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Video #2 - What?
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How Do I Join Short & Fat Nation?
Our Core Values
Sure we like to grab your attention, but there is so much more to Short & Fat than a funny name and entertaining videos.  Our mission is to "Help Vertically Challenged and Horizontally Blessed Men Live Confident Lives" and we take that seriously.  

We've taken the time to really think about how we can serve.  Whether it's through our free online courses, our tips, tricks and strategies, called "Chubby Nuggets"or our custom-built clothes.

We also have a set of rules that we live by.  We established these rules to serve as guiding principles for now and as Short & Fat grows.  We consider these five things with every decision we make, every conversation we have and every relationship we build.   
  • Deliver Awesome​- We try to provide the most amazing experience possible, in everything we do.
  • Kindergarten Simple - We make the complicated look easy.
  • Stay Fascinated and Fascinating​- We are always learning, growing and sharing.
  • Infect Confidence - We don't just want to be confident, we want it to spread like crazy.
  • Love Everyone's Journey - This is the heart and soul of Short & Fat - love yourself where you are today.
Give The Shirt Builder A Test Drive
So, what's the catch?
There really is no catch.  You can adjust your member level or cancel your membership at any time.  Of course, we would hate to see you go, but we can't make you stay on as a member.
Is there a guarantee?
Yes.  We have a No B.S. Guarantee.  No Bull Shirt that is.  We can't have you out there wearing ill-fitting shirts.  If your shirt doesn't fit you right, we'll make it right or we'll give you your money back.  No B.S.
What happens next?
Well, I guess it's your move.  By now you've watched the videos and read what you're going to read.  If we're a good fit (pun intended) then you'll likely sign up as a member.  If we're not, then by golly we wish you well.  But, just in case you're still weighing the pros and cons, take a look at the FAQ's below and I bet you'll have one more chance to sign up or at least join our FREE online course.  
P. S. - Here Are A Few More FAQ's We Get...
How long does the membership last?
You can cancel at any time.  When you first sign up you'll choose from one of three options; monthly, every other month or every three months.  As a member, you can always buy additional shirts at member rates.
How much is shipping?
Members never pay shipping - it's always free.  Even if you purchase a shirt between your member level schedule, you'll never pay shipping fees.
Can I gift someone a membership?
Absolutely.  What a great idea, by the way!  Just click here and you'll be taken to our E-card page.  You can choose a set amount or you can buy an annual membership on behalf of someone you love.  
How can I reach someone at Short & Fat?
Please feel free to contact us at support@shortandfat.com.  We're good about getting back with you.  And, if you feel like you need a private consultation to discuss your shirts or your membership, we can schedule an appointment.
Do I have to be a member to buy shirts?
No.  However, membership definitely has it's privileges.  Our single order shirts are $127, plus a small shipping fee.  So, with our member pricing and other great benefits you're looking at more than 35% off every shirt.
How long does it take to get my shirts?
Since each Short & Fat shirt is actually custom-built for you, using your exact body measurements, it takes approximately three weeks from design submission to delivery.  This is one of the best parts of our membership because your shirts will conveniently come on your schedule so timing is less of an issue.  
Do you offer more than shirts?
We sure do.  We now offer blazers, sport coats, suits and pants.  We are currently working on the design and measurement tools.  In the meantime, please email support@shortandfat.com, if you're interested, 
Bottomline - why should I become a member?
I could write till I'm blue in the face with all the benefits, but I'll bottomline it.  Convenience, Compliments and Confidence.  I'm betting that you'll get your first shirt and immediately start getting compliments.  Those compliments will make you feel good and you'll realize just how awesome you really are.  And, then you'll understand that you were born to be a member of the Short & Fat Nation.  Welcome aboard, Brother!  We're so glad you're here...
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